Successful Tips for Motivational Speakers in the Family and Parenting Field

Do you want to become one of the greatest motivational speakers for family and parenting? The initial step to become the best motivational speakers is to build your experience in the chosen field or industry. You need to experience real-world scenarios and the techniques.

Start within you

Before sharing to other people your effective family and parenting techniques, you need to build your own parenting habits. Here are some tips to start building your experience.

Keynote speakerUnconditional love. Provide unconditional love to your kids to make them feel a sense of belongingness in your family. Let your children be aware that they will always have a spot in your family no matter what happens or whatever mistakes they have committed. Kids who belong to affectionate families are much equipped to handle disappointments and frustrations in their everyday life. They develop self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-belief from being loved unconditionally.

Quality time. Anyone will definitely enjoy spending quality time with loved ones. Who would not love a chat or a fun game with their families even for a couple of minutes?

For most parents, this is the most challenging parenting habit because it requires devoted and committed time. Kissing and hugging your children is quicker and easier to do in comparison to sitting down with your child to read books. A fully engaged time with your children is a gift that you can give especially if your child needs and wants to feel loved. Ensure to devote a specific time from your busy schedule to your children. During this period, focus your attention only to them. You can do some activities together and chat.

Forget about your work or the need to answer quick emails during your devoted time to your children. Keep your gadgets away during family day or weekends. Make sure that when you are at home, you do not spend most of your time tinkering on your laptop. Save it on a work day.

Positive communication. Start practicing soft and gentle delivery of messages to your children. Unfortunately, there are parents who speak in demanding and controlling phrases. These parents actually just want their children to simply follow what they want to do and where to go.

For instance, “Go to your room,” “Take out the trash” or “Wash your hands.” As a parent, you have the power over your children because you are bigger and older. However, the result of this negative habit is you will have a hard time making your children do something they do not want. Most probably, you will end up yelling and shouting all the time just to get things done around your home.

Personal space and privacy. You do not have the license to invade the privacy of your children even if you are their parents. Respect the personal time and space of your children regardless of their ages. They also need time to energize, to relax, and to be quiet alone. Teach your children to respect the personal time and space of their siblings especially if they share a room. Teaching this value will make them feel they have a secured place where they can think, relax, create or cry alone.

The above tips on how you can build your experience will help you to become one of the best motivational speakers on family and parenting. Remember that you need to start within you before you can share information. Take note of the valuable lessons you have learned as you go along on your journey.

Most great motivational speakers speak through their own experiences – the ups and downs. Inspire other parents and be an instrument of building a happy family through becoming a great inspirational speaker.


Man in nature is creative and innovative. He likes to create, design, and store his creations for future needs. He knows that everything he makes gains a purpose in due time. He even believes in storing used or excess materials and reusing them for the same or another purpose in the future.

In the field of engineering and manufacturing, design reuse is known as a method of storing and reapplying electronic circuitry to serve its function. However, only a few printed circuit board (PCB) design engineers use this method, as most prefer the traditional method. They seem to hesitate when it comes to using unproven or new technologies.

Printed Circuit BoardsIt was during the 1990s when reuse technology began to appear in the industry. The method was originally a “cut and paste” approach, albeit letting a software application called Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) do the work in solving inconsistencies. The result introduced few problems on circuitry systems, giving rise to doubts on the method’s efficiency. It was not fully-developed to assist engineers in designing circuit boards that time.

Then after few years, another software tool called Computer Aided Design (CAD) came about. Manufacturing companies decided to experiment with reuse methodology using this application. CAD uses better algorithms which expanded the capacity to accommodate data. This method proved to be better and helped engineers infuse bigger component data into the circuit board through the use of component information system (CIS). Eventually, the reuse process became popular in the market.

The process comes in two forms:

•Electrical reuse – This method is done by choosing and reapplying the electrical circuit to the design.

•Physical reuse – This refers to choosing then reapplying the original circuit design layout.

Advantages of using design reuse:

•It reduces the need for more manpower.

•It shortens the time spent making circuit patterns or designs. Saved time can be used to make new designs or produce more products.

•It improves the quality of the pre-designs circuit pattern. These pre-validated intellectual properties (IP) are available from reuse libraries. When using design reuse, there will be more time to improve the existing circuit design without spending long periods to test performance quality.

•Design reuse offers team design which can be used simultaneously using the module for board designs. There is no need for archiving and completing modules just to create a pattern.

•It shortens the time needed to develop designs because you can choose from available patterns that are proven effective. Readymade and available printed circuit board patterns can shorten the production process. Finished products can be made available to meet the increasing demands in the manufacturing industry.

•It reduces your expenses and increases your profits. Using reuse modules saves you precious time and money. It gives you the edge because you can offer more competitive prices.

The modules for reuse are created, stored and reapplied through an automated process. Circuit data are separately stored with appropriate options. Retrieving them for reuse and reapplying them to the new schematic design sheet is done with the use of automated reference designators, eliminating duplicate results. It also hastens the process of doing the task.

Design reuse is a very helpful tool which gives the options of:

•Simplifying the design – You have the freedom to break the complex printed circuit board design into the simple design you need.

•Partitioning the design – You can break or partition large patterns into sub-circuits which are easier to assemble in the actual circuit board.

•Using existing designs with other designs – You can use an existing circuit design or just a part of it. You can add your own design to come up with something that better fits your requirements.

In the context of making a printed circuit board, “reuse” isn’t just another term. After all, it’s the perfect proof of human ingenuity.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Storage Container

Don’t close the deal just yet. A good price for a portable storage container may not be everything you need to know about it. There are still a lot of considerations, starting off with these five.

1.You can’t store everything you want in portable storage containers.

Storing personal items is the owner’s prerogative, especially if the storage container itself is also a private property. However, according to most state laws, personal items are classified as items that are deemed safe for household use and consumption. That doesn’t include toxic materials and abrasive chemicals that might explode or react when stored in a tightly sealed place. You need to get a special permission for that because some states may consider the storage a form of surreptitious disposal (since the container is portable). Under the law, the disposal of toxic and abrasive chemicals is prohibited if not done by the authorities.

The use of portable storage containers to lock live and dead animals is also prohibited regardless if you will only do it for transportation.

2.The transportation of some items requires permits from the states, cities, or counties along the route.

ContainersAgain, owning the items, the container, and the truck doesn’t give any absolute right to conduct transportation, especially if multiple states are involved and a city is along the route. There are limitations. For safety reasons, most places do not allow the transportation of chemicals and live animals without sanitary permits. On some places though, like within Washington D.C. a few kilometers from the White House, no closed truck is allowed at all regardless of the nature of the items being transported.

You should also consider the vertical clearances. Obviously, the local government will not allow any type of transportation involving portable storage containers if they are too big for the main thoroughfares. Checking would be a simpler task if you are hiring a professional moving company, but it might be a big problem if you are taking charge of everything, and for the first time.

3.Portable storage containers can be customized.

You don’t have to settle for whatever container is offered to you because you can request necessary design adjustments, depending on the purpose of your purchase. Look for another supplier if customization is not possible because there are a lot of companies that can offer this service.

The usual customization requirements are color and insulation changes. However, requesting for multiple doors, additional ventilations, internal electric outlet and lighting, and internal record and file shelves are also common.
You probably need to rethink the customization if you intend to use the container for mobile generators and tool sheds, or as a portable office, guard shack and house.

4.Owning the lot doesn’t automatically give you the right to place the container there.

There are deed restrictions in most places, and unless you are living in the suburbs or near the mountain, your homeowners association may require you to follow specific rules that prevent you to place large containers in your yard. Most restrictions are due to safety concerns, but there are also places where house design and uniformity are the reasons. Even if the deed restriction allows you to place a portable storage container on your property, the county rules and regulations may not. It’s better to check with your county office first.

5.The maintenance cost may be a big problem.

Maintenance is usually minimal for portable storage containers, but you may need to change paint, insulators, and use anti-rust chemicals more often if you live in a place with harsher weather patterns. Customized containers with electric outlet, shelves, and air conditioning unit may also require regular checking.
Containers used for transportation are naturally high maintenance. The truck, if ever you own it, will need separate caring.

Baseball trading pins and customer service

Baseball-trading-pinsPatrons have many choices when it comes to baseball trading pins so they can acquire the best deals available online. There are various pin-making companies who are trusted in giving customers a promise of guaranteed satisfaction so that they can boost their sales every baseball season. Many of these companies are patronized by local and foreign clients alike because their customer relation practices are quite effective. Healthy client relationship is the factor why some of these businesses stayed longer than the others in the world of memorabilia making.

Their effective promotional strategy is often strengthened when companies do not sacrifice quality service against large profits. For instance, while offering their good customers with varied kinds of services related to memorabilia, they conduct research to gauge how effective they are in marketing their products. They have something to offer that other companies lack. For baseball sports enthusiasts, baseball trading pins are the most common article that they want customized. Still, such firms welcome different orders, including pins for service awards, school logos, fundraising and baseball events.

Customers are often aware that to get the best value of their money, it is very important to find the right store. Most companies promised to provide the highest quality baseball trading pins available but one has to verify their claims by asking the opinions of others. Do you like the samples they have provided and what are included in the deals? Consequently, most of the well known manufacturers employ graphic artists with years of experience and are tried tested when it comes to creating top quality artwork for their clients. This service is even free of charge as long as you order from your products from them.

They are the ones known to excel in the custom pins industry and stand by what their name represents. This way, the customer keeps coming back for more orders. The freedom and pleasure to work with professionals who are willing to listen to suggestions and work with the customer’s idea are often seen as favorable in the buyer’s point of view. Being able to speedily communicate with them via email for negotiations (and getting prompt replies) is another plus point for the baseball trading pins maker.

These kind of workers who are pleasant and easy to work with are the ones that patrons want to keep in their business contacts list. Even if the client is not really familiar with designing yet since the artists are friendly and accommodating with their inputs, they will have the ease to express what they wanted done, resulting to the most impressive and coveted baseball pin for trading; and as you know, topnotch pins can be a source of pride for the client or collector. One can learn some lessons from the transaction between company and buyer. Here’s an example – creative work does happen like magic; it’s a product of an intentional and effective collaboration between the maker and the client.

Clients may come and go yet the kind of transaction between them and the companies they did business with will either make the entrepreneurs become better business people or a bunch of failures. Consequently, trading baseball pins is a practice that results to various good things; for the product provider: they learn that humility and sincerity in creating the articles should be extended to customer relations. On the other hand, for the customer: collaboration and a teachable attitude may lead to producing the most creative piece that you keep for posterity or trading. All of these foreshadow the varied purposes of trading baseball pins during sports events and that is fostering friendship, teamwork, excellence and sportsmanship.