Who Should Avoid HCG Diet Drops

HCG diet drops may be effective in making other people lose weight, but they may cause more harm than good in others. So, who should avoid these supplements like the plague? Here are just some of the people who should look for other types of diet and exercise to achieve their weight goals.

Those with heart problems

heart problemsAs HCG can cause palpitations and irregular heartbeat, it is not recommended for use by people who already have heart problems. The hormone may end up aggravating their existing medical conditions, and may even cause a heart attack.

Those who have sex hormone disorders

HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It also has some effects on fertility. So, taking it in conjunction with some sex hormone disorders may not be good. You need to consult an OBGYN first before proceeding. Taking HCG diet drops as a fertility drug will require a prescription, anyway.

Those who are experiencing premature puberty

HCG can speed up puberty in children. If a child is already experiencing premature puberty then it would further advance him, which is generally not a good idea.

Those with asthma

asthmaAsthmatics are advised against taking HCG diet drops, in a similar way that people with heart problems should probably not take it.

Those with epilepsy

The effects of HCG to epileptics are largely unknown, and so it is better to completely prohibit epileptics from taking the supplement. There are other, more natural ways in which weight can be lost. Diet and exercise, if not bad for the health of the consumer, may be the better option.

Those who have problems with heart or kidney

heart or kidneyThe hormone is also not recommended to those who have problems with their heart or kidney. Drugs and supplements that are not approved by the FDA and pose benefits that have not been proven often are not recommended, anyway.

Those who have migraines

HCG diet drops can imitate the symptoms of pregnancy as their side effects. Because of this, they could produce headaches and nausea. Those who are already prone to migraines may suffer more if they had to be exposed to hormones that somehow recreate the symptoms of early pregnancy.

Those who are underweight

underweightIf you are underweight in the first place then this is not the treatment for you. Sellers should also take care not to sell HCG drops to those who are suffering from bulimia or anorexia. The HCG diet will further drag them to a downward spiral. It would be best if sellers could provide the product to those whom they could see in person, see if the buyers are indeed on the heavy side.

Those who are obsessive

If a person has a compulsion to do things the extreme way then he or she should not go on an HCG diet. It may spell big trouble. The HCG diet is very restrictive, allowing each person only up to 800 calories daily. So, someone who may want to follow every rule to the letter or even more may end up abusing the diet.

Those who are not healthy enough

It is advisable that you consult a doctor and undergo a rigorous medical checkup before taking on HCG. If not healthy enough, a person may not be able to handle the phase in which the hormone is actively used and food is limited to only a few calories a day. Even without the restrictive diet, the HCG drops alone, as a hormone, can produce symptoms that may be difficult to handle.

Again, while HCG seems promising as a diet enforcer given that it can subdue hunger pangs, it may not be for everyone.